How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where you will spend most of your time preparing meals, eating, and socialising with your family, therefore it is important that is designed properly. With so many factors to take into consideration when designing a new kitchen, it can be a tough task to know where to start. This article provides some top tips on how to design a kitchen, as well as how to find the right kitchen suppliers for your needs.


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Kitchen Improvement Methods Homeowners Need To Spare Themselves From

Everyone seems busy in every typical American household. Haven’t you noticed? While the father works day in and day out for a living, the mother does the same. Gone were the days when women are kept inside the house to do nothing but take care of babies and do household chores. Women have earned their rights to equality. However, this does not mean that homes nowadays are not well-maintained just because the women in the family are now spending more time in the office. In fact, many companies have brilliantly thought of ways to help out homeowners by offering hassle-free home improvement services that homeowners can now avail. One among many is cabinet refacing, which is said to be doing impressive and affordable kitchen transformations across households in America.

Yes. Cabinet refacing is considered as top alternative for total cabinet renovation by homeowners coming from different states. The surge of good reviews from families of different households who have experienced the said repair give the home improvement process more credit than what just most people know. Reading about cabinet refacing from the surface is brought to a whole new level alongside actual reviews of people who have experienced the kitchen makeover. Well, this is certainly what homeowners are looking for – transformation at its finest.

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How To Clean Your Granite Countertop

Some of the tools you need to clean your granite countertop are, a synthetic scrubbing pad, Low pH cleaning solution and a dry cotton cloth. Avoid using cleaning solution which are highly acidic or alkaline because by doing so you risk etching or dulling your countertop finish. The cleaning process is very simple and it should not take you more than 30 minutes to have your granite countertop looking pristine. Granite countertop can get stained if the liquid spilled is not wiped immediately, here is a list of the some of the stains and how to successfully remove them. For oil stains all you need is 1 cup of flour and a mild washing soap that will form a thick paste once you mix with water. Apply this paste on the stain, cover with plastic and leave it overnight. In the morning remove the plastic cover and remove the paste then wipe your countertop with a moist cloth and the stain will be gone. If the stain remains you should do the same process again, until the stain is removed. Oil stains should be handled immediately because if left for long they can darken your countertop. Oil stains include cooking oil and any other substance that contain traces of oil.

When you are dealing with organic stains like coffee, tea and juice it’s better to use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Use 3 drops of Ammonia and 12% of hydrogen peroxide and apply on the stain then wipe away with a scrubbing pad. If you have a wine stain which is very common mix a molding plaster and then bleach it to form paste. Apply the paste on the stain and leave for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes remove the paste and rinse your countertop. For general cleaning and wiping you can create yourself a homemade cleaning solution. The ingredient to use, 1 cup of water, ΒΌ cup of rubbing alcohol, essential oil for the fragrance and 3 drops of dish detergent. Put this solution in a spray bottle and you have yourself an effective cleaning solution. A point of caution, every granite countertop is different so you may want to test the solution on a small spot to see if it has any negative effect.

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How to Install Your Own Glass Splash Backs?

A decade or so ago purchasing and installing a printed splashback would cost upwards of $3000. However, thankfully these are not as expensive as they used to be but they still are expensive. Many times the most significant expense is associated with installion. You can save lot in the way of labor costs if you decide to install a glass splash back on your own. Most DIY people are unable to install these because they are not able to measure accurately. Also once the glass has been toughened you can’t modify it any further making it impossible to install.

Accurate measurements and planning

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How to Plan Recessed Lighting for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one area in the house which is used by every household member and hence can be called the most important part of a house. When it comes to the lighting arrangement of a kitchen, it needs to be practical and layered to illuminate every usable corner. Recessed lighting typically sits in hollow regions to give light in a downward projection. This effect concentrates the beam to put the spotlight on otherwise shadowed areas. Every kitchen is differently laid out and for that reason there is no one kitchen lighting plan that will work for everyone. Different people have different tastes and some like more light than others and vice versa.

When creating a lighting plan for the kitchen, every nook and corner of the space has to be taken into consideration. Recessed lighting may be most effective over counter tops, appliances and sink areas. Layering the lighting can bring illumination at different levels and create a balanced look for the kitchen. A well-planned lighting can ensure that all the right spots of the kitchen are well lit. To chalk out a good lighting plan, one should start by measuring the kitchen using a graph paper. Set proper scales on the graph paper showing the length and breadth of the area. Then sketch in the furniture arrangement and any wall-mounted stuff that you would like to illuminate. It is very important to have a clear picture of what exactly you want to illuminate with the recessed lights.

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